Tuesday, August 9, 2016

News Nuggets 1557

DAYLEE PICTURE: The Haleakala volcano in Hawaii. From National Geographic.

TODAY'S BIG NUGGET -- A Look Back at Obama's Convention Speech

Obama just brought the hammer down on Trumpism. Very, very hard. from the Washington Post
"...underneath it was a cold, hard, long-term calculation: The GOP’s nomination of Trump, some Democrats believe, has created a unique opportunity for the Democrats to lay claim to the mantle of sober, responsible, sane, and mature governing party in a manner that could transform our politics to an unforeseen degree in coming years. This morning, there are indications that some conservatives agree with this, too."
If any of you missed it, Obama gave the best convention speech -- and Greg Sargent shows why!

A Look Back on Obama's Approach to Foreign Policy

What Obama’s last year in office teaches us about resilience (David Ignatius) from the Washington Post
"... in this period of national difficulty, it’s good to remember not just Obama’s setbacks but also the side of him that demonstrates what resilience looks like. These moments remind us of America’s exceptional character, even in its current, ugly paralysis."

Whites Discovering Racism

Why some whites are waking up to racism from the Washington Post
"As the nation’s first African American president completes his second term, the country’s racial divide has grown more pronounced, bursting into full view during heated debates over issues such as income inequality, jobs, educational opportunities and, perhaps most prominently, how the criminal justice system treats blacks."

Scary Reports from a Trump Rally

Writer live-tweets Trump rally: 'Anger in here is palpable' from the Oregonian
"The Story, which has so far been viewed 314,177 times, is full of details followed by commentary like, "Guy wearing Socialism Sucks shirt and lip syncing to Tiny Dancer. Nothing makes sense anymore." The entire Twitter journey, through tailgating, the rally itself and its aftermath, is engrossing."

GOP Donors Moving to Clinton, Not Trump

Donors for Bush, Kasich and Christie Are Turning to Clinton More Than to Trump from the New York Times
"People who donated to establishment Republican candidates in the primary season are more likely to give money to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, than to their own party’s candidate, Donald J. Trump."

Trump, the Campaign Manager

In campaign chaos, Donald Trump shows his management style from the Washington Post
"For the past two months, Donald Trump has presided over a political team riddled with turf wars, staff reshuffling and dueling power centers.  But the tensions are more than typical campaign chaos: They illustrate how Trump likes to run an organization, whether it’s a real estate venture or his presidential bid. Interviews with current and former Trump associates reveal an executive who is fond of promoting rivalries among subordinates, wary of delegating major decisions, scornful of convention and fiercely insistent on a culture of loyalty around him."
The sad aspect of this is that this is very similar to the way the Clintons run their campaigns and the way Bill ran the White House.  

The Impact of Trump ... Long Term

The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy (David Frum) from the Atlantic
"Here’s the part of the 2016 story that will be hardest to explain after it’s all over: Trump did not deceive anyone. Unlike, say, Sarah Palin in 2008, Trump appeared before the electorate in his own clothes, speaking his own words. When he issued a promise, he instantly contradicted it. If you chose to accept the promise anyway, you did so with abundant notice of its worthlessness. For all the times Trump said believe me and trust me in his salesman patter, he communicated constantly and in every medium that there was only thing you could believe and trust: If you voted for Donald Trump, you’d get Donald Trump, in all his Trumpery and Trumpiness. "

The Delusions of a Trump Supporter

A Dialogue With a 22-Year-Old Donald Trump Supporter (Conor Friedersdorf) from the Atlantic
"He lives near San Francisco, makes more than $50,000 per year, and is voting for the billionaire to fight against political correctness."
A demonstration how a really intelligent person can still be really stupid.

Inside the Mind of Trump Voters

What Do Donald Trump Voters Actually Want? (Conor Friedersdorf) from the Atlantic
"30 of the billionaire real-estate developer’s backers offer individual explanations for their support."

Talk Radio Topic: "A Good Patriot" Killing Trump

Glenn Beck Suspended After On-Air Talk Of 'Patriot' Taking Out Prez Trump from Talking points Memo
"SiriusXM radio suspended conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck this week after a recent guest on his show warned Donald Trump poses an “extinction-level” threat to the country and suggested a “patriot” might need to remove him from office by any means necessary, Politico reported. During Wednesday’s “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” fiction writer Brad Thor said he “guarantees” Trump would temporarily suspend the Constitution during his possible presidency and is a “danger to America.”"
For Fox News and talk radio, here's the payoff of decades of promoting right-wing crazies as authorities and media stars.  They've nurtured thousands of gun-toting paranoids many of whom are now preparing to turn those weapons on their own!  


Reviled by Many Russians, Mikhail Gorbachev Still Has Lots to Say from the New York Times
"In an interview, Mr. Gorbachev shrugged off the fact that 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he remains among the most reviled men in Russia. “It is freedom of expression,” he said. Yet the official line denigrating traditional democracy, combined with the very idea that he should face trial, obviously irks him, so he churns out articles, essays and books about the need to enhance freedom in Russia."


How an Outsider President Killed a Party (Gil Troy) from Politico
"The Whigs chose power over principles when they nominated Zachary Taylor in 1848. The party never recovered."