Finding Iris: Saving a homeless injured dog + an unexpected surprise!!! from Hope for Paws

Rescuing a scared stranded Pit Bull who was struggling to survive from Hope for Paws

After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued!!! from Hope for Paws

Elephant Seal Falls In Love With Woman from Youtube
Stray Dog gets hit by a Car and Finds Refuge Under a Homeless Man's Cart from Hope for Paws 

A scared homeless dog gets rescued, transformed, kissed by Betty White, and then... you'll see from Hope for Paws

Homeless Pit Bull in an industrial area gets and now needs your help. Please share.

Exhausted stray dog gets rescued in an unusual way from Hope-for-Paws

A Frightened Homeless Dog gets Rescued During a Firework Display from Hope for Paws

Dog Shows Baby How to Crawl from Buzzfeed

A Terrified Abandoned Dog Gets Rescued from Hope-for-Paws

Epic Desert Dog Rescue Mission - A MUST SEE. Please Share. from Hope for Paws

A Heart Warming Story - Happy Birthday Mamma Rosie's Pups from Hope for Paws

"Even at its worst, nature can still be incredibly beautiful. A group of storm chasers recently proved as much with a stunning storm time-lapse that shows the formation of supercell thunderstorm in eastern Wyoming."

Hobby Lobby Case Explained ... by Jon Stewart from Comedy Central

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