Wednesday, January 30, 2013

News Nuggets 1168

DAYLEE PICTURE: Compressed ice that resembles a wave in Antarctica.  From the Daily Mail of the UK.

GOP’s Electoral Vote Scheme Already On Life Support from Talking Points Memo
"Four states down, and just two remain. Key Republican officials in Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan are coming out against a RNC-backed scheme to rig the electoral vote in Democratic-leaning states in order to boost Republican presidential candidates. That leaves just Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as the remaining blue states with Republican statehouses actively considering the idea."

Unions, Hollywood Open to Bankrolling Obama’s Advocacy Arm from The Hill 
"Labor unions and Hollywood donors are open to bankrolling Organizing for Action, the outside group that has been formed in support of President Obama’s second-term agenda. Traditionally one of the biggest donors to Democrats, unions are considering putting their financial weight behind the group as it tries to harness the grassroots power of Obama’s reelection machine."

Obama’s Favorability Best Since ’09; 2-1 Approval for Inaugural Address from ABC News
"Barack Obama has advanced to his highest personal popularity since his first year in office, and Americans who’ve formed an opinion of his second inaugural address last week broadly approve of it, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds."

GOP Needs More Northeast Republicans to Save the Party (John Avlon) from the Daily Beast
"Split over immigration, the GOP’s own stalwarts are attacking it as lost, dying, even ‘stupid.’ John Avlon argues that the party can solve its existential crisis by nurturing more politicians like Chris Christie, who have moderate records and wide appeal—including among Democrats."

Is Washington Getting Less Dysfunctional? (Molly Ball) from the Atlantic 
"From immigration reform to the debt ceiling, there are rampant signs the Capitol isn't the gridlocked mess to which we've become accustomed."

Five Reasons Republicans Won't Win Latino Voters with Immigration Reform (Harry Enten) from the Guardian [of the UK]
"If the GOP has decided to embrace immigration reform to bolster its electoral chances with Hispanic voters, it should think again."

The Fight on the Right Over Immigration from Politico
"The GOP needs Hispanics — if there’s one thing conservative pundits can agree on, it’s that. But as for this new immigration deal? Well, that’s another matter altogether, and it’s one that’s creating a split between the Republican party’s most influential media voices."
Don't be surprised if Obama and the Dems position the upcoming immigration legislation right where its going to really accentuate this split.  Thus even if the reforms don't pass (the most likely outcome despite today's happy talk), it will at least advance the further marginalization of the hard-right.

Another view:
Immigration divides GOP (David Lightman) from the McClatchy News Service 
"Republicans are split into two camps. There are those such as Rubio who will consider a path to citizenship along with tighter border security. They’re willing to talk to Democrats over how to deal with illegal immigrants and have strong business community support as well as a willingness by key senators to listen. Then there’s the hard line, championed by Limbaugh and others, who insist on tougher border enforcement and suggest “paths to citizenship” are a euphemism for amnesty."
I believe this author has it wrong.  The emphasis on border security and "no amnesty" on the hard right masks a very simple truth.  The basic attitude of the latter group is "send those 11 million back where they came from. Period. And don't allow hispanic immigrants to become citizens. Ever."  These folks will never embrace the reforms being considered.  Reform's only prospect is if the Dems join with a rump GOP made up of those lawmakers who have at least one foot in reality.

If you think I'm being cynical, check out THIS guy:
GOP Rep Says He Opposes Immigration Reform Because Latinos Are Uneducated, Will Never Support Republicans from Raw Story
"Responding to the bipartisan framework, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) echoed the rhetoric surrounding immigrants and Democratic voters throughout the 2012 election and suggested that Hispanics would never vote for Republicans who don’t provide them with government hand outs:..."

A Second G.O.P. (David Brooks) from the New York Times
"It’s time for a second Republican stream, one that shows a deep interest in reforming our bloated institutions and repairing our human capital."

Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party’? (Gene Lyons) from the National Memo
"Today’s GOP thrives on idiot contumely. Nor did the crowd applaud Jindal’s pronouncement that Republicans “must not be the party that simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys. We have to be the party that shows all Americans how they can thrive…We are a populist party and need to make that clear.” Now exactly what Jindal means by a populist GOP is almost as interesting as what he thinks would constitute an intelligent political conversation."

Poll: Texans Oppose Rick Perry’s Re-Election (Henry Decker) from the National Memo
"According to a new Public Policy Polling poll, an overwhelming majority of Texas voters are sick of Governor Rick Perry. The poll finds that Perry is now one of the most unpopular governors in the country; ... Rick Perry seems to have pulled off the remarkable feat of being too extreme for Texas Republicans."
Wow!  There's more grey matter in Texas than I thought!

Bob Guccione's Penthouse Secrets Bared from the New York Post
"A Wealthy hedge funder who began buying unclaimed storage lockers as a hobby has uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts from the estate of late Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione. Jeremy Frommer, a former Royal Bank of Canada managing director, snapped up a series of Englewood, NJ, storage spaces to find the meticulously preserved possessions of the flesh magnate who went from the Forbes 400 to bankruptcy."

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