Friday, September 4, 2015

The GOP’s nuclear option for Donald Trump

Why the only way to beat Trump is so scary for the GOP (Elias Isquith) from Salon
"If the Republican Party wants to win back Trump's fans, they have one realistic option. But it might be even worse. .... one that helps explain why the Republican Party establishment is so out of touch, and so incapable of defeating Trump in a zero-sum battle for influence. The trait is a lack of belief. Not in God or country, both of which Trump supporters rather enjoy, but rather in the fundamental legitimacy of American society’s most powerful and entrenched institutions; the government, the banks, the media, the academy, etc. Because aside from one extremely notable exception (which we’ll talk about in a bit), there’s not a single major institution of American political life that these folks wouldn’t like to see Trump conquer — the Republican Party itself very much included."

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