Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Trump "Machine" Taking Shape

Donald Trump's building a long-term operation from Politico
"His campaign has developed the infrastructure to put up a real fight in the earliest primaries and beyond. ... The campaign has taken its organization in many of these states to the next level, announcing the hiring of state directors in, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama in recent weeks. It has also brought on state directors for Illinois and Florida, which vote on March 15."
This is REALLY BAD NEWS for Bush et al.  Through this dark summer of discontent with the "establishment", the Bush/Kasich/Grahams and even the Cruz/Rubio subset have BANKED on that somehow that organizational strengths, campaign "professionals," and the smart money would win out in the early primaries.  Guess what? Looks like Trump will not be seriously lacking in this area! -- Nuggetsman

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