Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today's BIG NUGGET: A Disturbing Profile of an Angry Trump Voter

‘Finally. Someone who thinks like me.’ from the Washington Post
"She was a 52-year-old woman who had worked 20 years for the railroad, had once been a Democrat and was now a Republican, and counted herself among the growing swath of people who occupied the fringes of American politics but were increasingly becoming part of the mainstream. Like millions of others, she believed that President Obama was a Muslim. And like so many she had gotten to know online through social media, she also believed that he was likely gay, that Michelle Obama could be a man, and that the Obama children were possibly kidnapped from a family now searching for them."
A VERY insightful look into the social meltdown that those profiled here have endured.  Sad, disturbing ... and NOT the stuff long-term movements are made of, at least not political ones.

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