Monday, December 17, 2012

News Nuggets 1131

DAYLEE PICTURE: A goby swims above a giant clam in the Pacific Ocean.  From National Geographic.

Watch Obama Speeches on Newtown, Aurora, Tucson & More (VIDEO) (Ben Teitelbaum) from the Daily Beast
In case you missed it, Obama's speech at the Newtown memorial service was very good!!
"It’s the fourth time the president has had to ‘comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings.’ See Obama’s addresses on Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora movie theater, the Wisconsin Sikh temple, and a Tucson supermarket."

After Newtown Shooting, the NRA Museum Is Silent and Somber (Lloyd Grove) from the Daily Beast
"They might be famous for being diehards, but Lloyd Grove finds the NRA museum silent and somber the day after the Newtown shooting—and some who are willing to admit some more gun laws are needed."

Newtown School Shooter’s Mother Collected Guns, was Loath to Let People Inside Home from the Washington Post
" Her former sister-in law, Marsha Lanza, told the Chicago Sun-Times outside her home in Crystal Lake, Ill., that Nancy Lanza wanted guns for protection. “She prepared for the worst,” Marsha Lanza told the newspaper. “I didn’t know that they [the guns] would be used on her.”

Why the South Loves Guns (David Sessions) from the Daily Beast
"Southerners worship firearms as the ultimate anti-government symbol—which is why they will never accept gun control, no matter how many children die."

Our Moloch (Garry Wills) from the New York Review of Books
"That horror cannot be blamed just on one unhinged person. It was the sacrifice we as a culture made, and continually make, to our demonic god. We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him. We have to make that offering, out of devotion to our Moloch, our god. The gun is our Moloch."

Unreason on Health Care (E.J. Dionne) from Real Clear Politics
"Conservatives who were once genuinely interested in finding market-based alternatives to government-provided health insurance have, since the rise of Obamacare, continued to make choices that are dysfunctional, even from their own point of view."

Senate Filibuster Reform Closing In On Majority (Ryan Grim) from the Huffington Post
"Advocates of what's come to be called the "talking filibuster" are closing in on the majority needed to reform the rules, according to a whip count compiled by The Huffington Post, based on interviews with Democratic senators and with reform advocates who have spoken with senators."

Why Republican Efforts to Block Obama Won’t Work This Time (Michael Tomasky) from the Daily Beast
"Republicans came roaring back after defeat in 2008. But don’t bet on it happening again. Michael Tomasky on why the GOP’s obstructionist tactics are bound to backfire."

GOP Leaders Finally Ready to Cave on Taxing the Rich (Daniel Gross) from the Daily Beast
"Boehner, McConnell, and other key Republicans are signaling they’ll agree to make the top 2 percent pay more. Many GOP House members still aren’t on board, but they need to realize the war over higher taxes on the rich is over, says Daniel Gross."

John Boehner Proposes Debt Ceiling Lift For One Year: Reports from the Huffington Post
"House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has offered to take the debt ceiling off the table for one year, the Washington Post and CBS News reported Sunday, marking a breakthrough in the speaker's fiscal cliff negotiations with President Obama."

Three Lessons from the Near-Final Popular Vote from the Los Angeles Times 
"More than five weeks after election day, almost all the presidential votes have been counted. Here’s what the near-final tally reveals: ... White House aides now brag that Obama seems all but certain to achieve a mark hit by only five others in U.S. history – winning the presidency twice with 51% or more of the popular vote."

Jockeying Begins for Mass. Senate Seat, Even Before it's Vacant from CNN 
"Get ready Massachusetts: Another special election to fill a U.S. Senate seat may be coming your way. And jockeying is already underway among potential candidates, even before it's official there will actually be vacant seat and an election."

Dukakis Seen as Possible Senate Replacement if Kerry Tapped for State (Alexander Bolton) from The Hill
"Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, may be headed back to the political spotlight as he’s considered a likely interim replacement for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). President Obama is set to tap Kerry to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of State, according to media reports."

Scott Brown No Sure Thing as John Kerry Successor from Politico
"Though Brown is far better known than any of his potential Democratic rivals — Reps. Ed Markey, Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch top the current list — he’d also enter his third Senate campaign in four years with fresh wounds and new baggage."

Life After Sex Work (Melissa Petro) from the Daily Beast
"Fired from her schoolteaching job after revealing she had once been a Craigslist call girl, Melissa Petro describes the world that awaits people who leave the trade."

With a Supermajority, California Democrats Begin to Make Plans from the New York Times
"The Democratic Party has controlled the California Legislature for a nearly unbroken stretch of 42 years. Yet control goes only so far: it takes two-thirds of the Legislature to enact a host of important
legislation in this state, meaning that even the diminished Republican Party has been able to easily frustrate Democratic ambitions. But with a swell of electoral victories in November, the Democratic Party has now crossed that boundary and controls two-thirds of both the Senate and the Assembly, giving it the kind of unfettered power that no party has had here for 80 years."

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