Sunday, December 23, 2012

News Nuggets 1136

DAYLEE PICTURE: The Ying-yang frog from the Mekong Delta and Vietnam.  From the Daily Mail of the UK.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The nuggets will be sporadic between now and New Year's and then resume it's daylee-ness!

The Story Behind Mitt Romney’s Loss in the Presidential Campaign to President Obama from the Boston Globe
"... a reconstruction by the Globe of how the campaign unfolded shows that Romney’s problems went deeper than is widely understood. His campaign made a series of costly financial, strategic, and political mistakes that, in retrospect, all but assured the candidate’s defeat, given the
revolutionary turnout tactics and tactical smarts of President Obama’s operation."

Tomorrow's Weapons Today: Five Weapons to Watch in 2013 (John Reed) from Foreign Policy Magazine
"Here's a list of five of the most interesting weapons that came to our attention in 2012. These systems either were invented in the last year or achieved a significant milestone on the road to becoming operational weapons. Look out, 2013."

Why Obama Isn't Caving (Glenn Thrush) from Politico
"President Barack Obama’s stiffening resolve during the fight over the fiscal cliff can be traced directly to the lessons he drew from his hard-won triumph of the 2012 campaign. He whipped Republicans a second time, parried the best attacks they could muster, and is now demanding that they respect the victory, if not the man who won it."

Speaker Boehner Loses It (John Nichols) from the Nation
"No one has worked harder in recent days to delegitimize John Boehner than John Boehner. Boehner’s boneheaded “Plan B” scheme, which crashed and burned Thursday night after his own House Republican Caucus refused to provide the needed votes, will rank as one of the greatest failures ever by a House Speaker."

Right Rages at Boehner Fiscal Cliff Debacle from Politico
"Liberal and conservative commentators alike took to Twitter and blogs to blast House Speaker John Boehner as a “failure” after his fiscal cliff legislation did not pass in his own party Thursday."

John Boehner Plan B Mess Leaves Few Fiscal Cliff Options from the Huffington Post
"Now that House Speaker John Boehner's "Plan B" for addressing the "fiscal cliff" has crashed and burned, the top U.S. Republican appears to have two remaining options - wash his hands of the entire matter or negotiate a compromise with Democrats that could abandon scores of his fellow

John Boehner’s Animal House (Dana Milbank) from the Washington Post 
"Republicans in that chamber may wish to schedule a movie night of their own. Perhaps they should consider an earlier Spielberg film: “Jurassic Park.” In Boehner’s House, the animals are rampaging."

Send in the Clowns (Thomas Friedman) from the New York Times
"Republican politicians today have a choice: either change your base by educating and leading G.O.P. voters back to the center-right from the far right, or start a new party that is more inclusive, focused on smaller but smarter government and market-based, fact-based solutions to our biggest problems."

Enough! (Andrew Sullivan) from the Daily Beast
"...the current constitutional and economic vandalism removes any shred of doubt that this party and its lucrative media bubble is in any way conservative. They aren't. They're ideological zealots, indifferent to the consequences of their actions, contemptuous of the very to-and-fro essential for the American system to work..."

More Guns is Just Dumb (Alex Seitz-Wald) from Salon
"Science and history show that the NRA's plan to flood schools with arms is ineffective -- and could be disastrous."

Wayne LaPierre and the NRA: So Defensive it was Downright Offensive (Ana Marie Cox) from the Guardian [of the UK]
"The leading gun rights lobbyist gave a performance so tone-deaf that only he missed why 'put more guns in schools' sounds inept."

Backfire: The Disgusting NRA Press Conference (George Zornick) from the Nation
"I fully expected the National Rifle Association to hold a press conference this morning that would help blunt the momentum for gun control legislation now building in Washington ... Instead, NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre unloaded a thirty-round magazine of crazy.'

Bloomberg, LaPierre and the Void (Ross Douthat) from the New York Times 
"...instead of a kind of skepticism and sifting from conservatives, after a week of liberal self-righteousness the spotlight passed instead to ... Wayne LaPierre. And no Stephen Colbert parody of conservatism could match the National Rifle Association spokesman’s performance on Friday morning."

Tagg Romney: Mitt 'Wanted To Be President Less Than Anyone I've Met' from the Huffington Post
“He had no desire,” the eldest Romney son said. “If he could have found someone else to take his place ... he would have been ecstatic to step aside."

The latest from Eldad Hagar and his organization, Hope-for-Paws
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