Monday, February 25, 2013

News Nuggets 1191

DAYLEE PICTURE:  A very small frog on the head of a match in Jakarta, Indonesia.  From the Daily Mail of the UK.

Deterrence After the Cold War (Paul R. Pillar) from the National Interest 
"Why did we unlearn strategic lessons so quickly?"

The Coming Atlantic Century (Anne-Marie Slaughter) from Project Syndicate 
"Western fortunes are rising, slowly but surely. Together, Europe and the US account for more than 50% of global GDP, have the largest military force in the world by many multiples, and control a growing proportion of global energy reserves. They also have a formidable diplomatic and development-assistance capacity, representing a peaceful community of democracies that share a common commitment to the rights, dignity, and potential of all human beings."

The Skeletons in Benedict's Closet (Elias Groll) from Foreign Policy Magazine
"A guide to the sex abuse scandals under Pope Benedict XVI's watch."

Vatican Denies Gay Blackmail Rumors (Andre Tarta) from New York Magazine 
"While the Vatican initially kept quiet on the story, a spokesman now says that it's "misinformation," not to mention "gossip," "slander," and "calumny." "
In the days of Woodward & Bernstein, this would clearly be labelled a "non-denial denial."  These are fairly transparent wiggle terms -- what is missing is the phrase "completely false," and I suspect it is no accident that it is missing. 

Thoughts on the Vatican's 'Gay Lobby' (John L. Allen) from the National Catholic Reporter
"Among many cardinals, it's become a fixed point of faith that the Vatican is long overdue for a serious housecleaning, and certainly the furor unleashed by the La Repubblica piece is likely to strengthen that

A World Without Work (Ross Douthat) from the New York Times
"Our jobless future may be more sustainable than we imagine."

How Many Ph.D.'s Actually Get to Become College Professors? (Jordan Weissmann) from the Atlantic
"... long term, if you graduated in the class of 2011, your chances of living the academic dream appear to have been pretty slim.  ... With tenure relatively rarer than it was 30 years ago, it's fair to assume that an even larger portion of tomorrow's full professors will come from the Ph.D.'s who land academic jobs off the bat. And as we've seen, that group is getting pretty small."

GOP Blame Game Self-Destructs (Jonathan Bernstein) from Salon
"Party's attempt to pin looming, across-the-board cuts on Obama makes striking a deal virtually impossible."

Woodward Misses The Mark from Talking Points Memo
"...the entire purpose of an enforcement mechanism is to make sure that the enforcement mechanism is never triggered. The key question is what action it was designed to compel. And on that score, the Budget Control Act is unambiguous."

Battered GOP Governors Change Tune Ahead of 2014 from Politico 
"They stormed into office two years ago willing to knock heads and make enemies. But now several Republican governors are suddenly in a fix – up for reelection next year in states that Barack Obama carried in November, and with dangerously low approval ratings."

Court Finds No Right to Conceal a Firearm from the New York Times
"A federal judge in 2011 tossed out Mr. Peterson’s lawsuit filed against Denver and Colorado’s Department of Public Safety. He claimed that being denied a concealed-weapons permit because he was not a Colorado resident violated his Second Amendment rights to bear firearms. According to gun rights groups, Colorado is one of about two dozen states that do not honor concealed weapons permits from Washington State."

"Hubris": New Documentary Reexamines the Iraq War "Hoax" (David Corn) from Mother Jones Magazine
"An MSNBC film, hosted by Rachel Maddow and based on Michael Isikoff and David Corn's book, finds new evidence that Bush scammed the nation into war."

Dog Rescue: Roadie, an abandoned pitbull from Hope for Paws

The Grim Reality of the Civil War in Color: Painstaking Photoshopping of Classic Images Brings the Past to Vivid Life from the Daily Mail [of the UK]
"Imagine if the great historic photographs of the Civil War had been taken using modern cameras which could have captured the detail and the depth of the historic occasion in vivid color rather than black and white. Now you can after modern day photographer John C. Guntzelman employed Photoshop to accurately colorize a series of classic images by the most celebrated photographers of the civil war era including Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner."

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