Thursday, February 28, 2013

News Nuggets 1193

DAYLEE PICTURE: A mother and baby Sperm Whale in the Caribbean near Dominica.  Form the Daily Mail of the UK.

A Political DUI (David Ignatius) from the Washington Post
"We have a political system that is the equivalent of a drunk driver. The primary culprits are the House Republicans. They are so intoxicated with their own ideology that they are ready to drive the nation’s car off the road."

GOP Divisions Throw Wrench In Sequester Alternatives from Talking Points Memo

"It’s well known that Republicans are divided over whether they should drag out a sequestration fight with President Obama, or meet him part way by agreeing to new tax revenues. But the divisions actually run deeper than that."

Republicans are Losing the Spending Argument (Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake) from the Washington Post
"For the past several years, congressional Republicans have focused relentlessly on a single message: Washington — led by President Obama — is spending too much money, and it needs to stop. But according to new Washington Post-ABC News polling, that laser-like focus isn’t helping Republicans win the argument over federal spending — with 67 percent of those tested disapproving of the “way Republicans in Congress are handling federal spending.”"

Sequester Poll Gives GOP Low Marks On Federal Spending from the Huffington Post
"Both parties give their rivals low marks, but troublingly for the GOP, its approval rating among its own is only nominally higher than Obama's overall rating. Just 44 percent of Republicans said they approved of their party's approach, compared to 51 percent who disapproved, and Republicans were more likely than Democrats or independents to say they disapproved of both sides of the debate."

Cuts Will Turn Off Voters GOP is Courting (Maria Cardona) from CNN 
"Instead of trying to find a way to avoid these steep cuts, and to keep faith with their newfound concern for the middle class, Republicans are doubling down on the "my way or the highway" mentality that put them in an electoral hole to begin with."

Moderate, Conservative Republican Groups Call Each Other ‘Cancer,’ ‘RINO’ Ahead of 2014 (Patrick Howley) from the Daily Caller

"Former Ohio Republican congressman and Republican Main Street Partnership head Steve LaTourette on Wednesday blasted a new effort by the conservative organization Club for Growth to field primary challengers for moderate Republican congressmen, calling the organization a “Cancer” on the Republican Party. Club for Growth quickly shot back, calling LaTourette a “liberal RINO.” The feud between the two organizations highlights the growing conflict within the GOP as the party prepares for the 2014 midterm elections."

Why Asian-Americans Have Turned Their Backs on the Republican Party (Lloyd Green) from the Daily Beast
"As recently as the 1990s, the fast-growing group leaned right. Lloyd Green on what changed."

Hillary the Field-Clearer: When it Comes to Non-incumbent White House Candidates, She Really Could Break the Mold if She Runs (Steve Kornacki) from Salon
" one who has actively promoted Clinton’s field-clearing potential, I’d argue that an even closer examination of the history of modern presidential nominating contests suggests the former secretary of state could potentially enjoy an easier path to the nomination than any non-incumbent who’s run."

No, Hillary Clinton is Not Too Old to be President (Joan Walsh) from Salon 
"Even some Democrats suggest she can't win the White House at 69. Here's why that's silly -- and maybe sexist."

Dems 2016: Will Hillary Clinton Clear the Field? from Politico
"The ranks of Democratic governors are filled with ambitious politicians boasting records that would probably play well with primary voters in 2016. But even as they eye a move from the statehouse to the White House, there’s broad recognition among the chief executives that the next generation of Democrats may have to wait longer than four more years to take their place as President Barack Obama’s heir."

PPP: Russ Feingold Poised For Comeback, Could Top Scott Walker Next Year from Talking Points Memo
"The poll indicated that Feingold could get the last laugh on the Republican who ousted him in the 2010 midterms. In a hypothetical 2016 Senate matchup, 52 percent said they would vote for Feingold over Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who picked up 42 percent support."

Why the GOP Doesn’t Love Chris Christie (David Freedlander) from the Daily Beast
Christie’s snub by CPAC underscores that many on the right still distrust the New Jersey governor over his Obama embrace, attacks on Republican lawmakers over Sandy aid—and because they don’t think he’s much of a conservative."

Tessa's Rescue and Rehab - A Blind Dog Who Couldn't Walk from Hope-for Paws and the Bill Foundation


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