Monday, June 23, 2014

Battle The Wicked Or Fight For The Needy?

Conservatives Clash (Jon Ward) from the Huffington Post
"The placement of a Barack Obama figurine in a urinal at a conference for Christian conservatives Friday captured why these gatherings have become so damaging for the Republican Party. The Faith & Freedom Coalition's conference, like the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Values Voter Summit, has attracted thoughtful conservatives but also politically tone-deaf, fringe right-wingers, and put the latter on display. The media broadcast their behavior to the country, and they come to represent all conservatives everywhere."
The only problem with this analysis is that the world awaits for "conservatives everywhere" to put these people in their place, to condemn them in no uncertain terms, and to embarrass them as the lunkheads they are.  When it comes to Obama, the last serious attempt I saw of a mainline conservative doing this was McCain -- in the '08 election.  Non-fringe conservatives, lawmakers, and pundits have otherwise been almost completely silent and indeed have been perfectly happy to reap the short-term rewards of the rhetoric of the over-the-toppers for ... six years now.  

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