Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Expand Medicaid in Deep Red States?

Va. Governor to Bypass Lawmakers, Expand Medicaid from the Associated Press
"Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vowed Friday to bypass the General Assembly and expand Medicaid eligibility for about 400,000 low-income residents on his own. ... "Let me be crystal clear, I am moving forward to get health care for Virginian citizens," McAuliffe said at news conference at the capitol."
It'll be interesting to see if McAuliffe gets away with this.  If PA Governor Corbett (R) loses as predicted in November, his replacement may be faced with the same option next year.  Indeed, there are many GOP dominated states where there is little or no prospect of the legislatures flipping Democratic anytime soon -- but there are few states where a Democratic governor is so unlikely.  There could be a roadmap here for how those governors in the future might bring Obamacare to those right-leaning states.

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