Friday, March 4, 2016

GOP Moderates: Up for Grabs in the Fall?

Democrats Draw Plan to Shatter the GOP from Politico
"Through a combination of messaging and the ascendance of Donald Trump, Democrats see a path to cutting into the GOP coalition. ... Democracy Corps’ Stan Greenberg, a prominent national Democratic pollster, released data Monday morning that suggest moderate Republicans — nearly a third of the GOP base — are being ignored by their presidential candidates. ... “It’s mind-boggling,” Greenberg said. “They’re considered illegitimate within the Republican Party, and no one is speaking to them. ... The poll shows that Trump, more than his leading rivals, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, would cause Republicans to rethink their party loyalty. About one in five say they would either not vote or are unsure whom they’d support — or even consider supporting a third-party candidate — if Trump is the nominee. Among Catholics and moderates, these figures jump even further."

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