Thursday, October 11, 2012

News Nuggets 1082

DAYLEE PICTURE: An extraordinary picture of a horse fly in north America.  From the Daily Mail of the UK.

Greece’s Unemployment Reaches More Than Quarter of Workforce from the Bloomberg News Service
"Greece’s unemployment rate climbed to more than a quarter of the workforce in July, extending its record high as the country’s five-year recession deepened. ... Greece’s recession and deepening labor slump has been exacerbated by austerity measures imposed to trim a budget deficit that was more than five times the euro-area limit in 2009. "

Secret Cold War Tests In St. Louis Raise Concerns from the Associated Press via the Huffington Post
"Doris Spates was a baby when her father died inexplicably in 1955. She has watched four siblings die of cancer, and she survived cervical cancer. After learning that the Army conducted secret chemical testing in her impoverished St. Louis neighborhood at the height of the Cold War, she wonders if her own government is to blame."

Montana Campaign Donation Limits Reinstated By 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals from the Huffington Post
"The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Montana's campaign donation limits, telling the federal judge who overturned it to outline his full reasoning so the panel can review the case. The court intervened late Tuesday less than a week after the judge's decision opened the door to unlimited money in state elections – during the height of election season."

'This Is 50-50': Behind Obama's Decision to Kill Bin Laden (John Gans) from the Atlantic
"New details emerge from the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. ... what is presented in The Finish, based on my experience studying foreign policy decisions going back to the Truman administration, is close to a textbook example of complicated national security decision-making."

Yes, Obama Does Believe in American Exceptionalism (Ian Reifowitz) from the New York Daily News
"Romney's attacks on the President's foreign policy have no merit. ... To President Obama, our role is to serve as an alternative model to fundamentalism of every stripe. In a multi-polar world defined by the clash between fundamentalism and pluralistic democracies, we must lead not only by the strength of our arms, but also by the example of our unity."

The Election Ain't Over Till It's Over: Countdown Day 27 (Howard Fineman) from the Huffington Post
"The thing about the media: They are either at your feet or at your throat. But the race is no more over now than it was a week ago. And since, sadly, Paul Tully is not here, I will try to explain why."

Democrats at the Deep End (Gail Collins) from the New York Times
"Democrats are going bipolar. Half the time they are grabbing at random bits of hopeful information. ... Half the time they are in total despair. ... You have to calm down, Democrats. Romney hasn’t turned into some new supercandidate. You were just underestimating him during September. He’s the same old Mitt."

Note to Obama: Get Down Off the Mountaintop from Time Magazine
"When I asked several close Obama associates about the President's reluctance to sell his policies, they admitted their frustration. They said he hates doing things that he considers transparently political. He hates the idea of inviting a bunch of pols over to the White House for a drink or a movie, because they'd see it as an obvious bribe."

WH Race Contested in Far Fewer States Than in Past from the Associated Press
"So much for Mitt Romney's plans to compete for Democratic-trending Michigan or Pennsylvania. And what about President Barack Obama's early hopes of fighting it out for Republican-tilting Arizona, Georgia or Texas? Forget them. The presidential battleground map is as compact as it's been in decades..."

Polls Show Small Romney Bump in Swing States from the National Journal 
"The polls, all conducted after the debate and released early on Thursday, show a tight race across most of the states, though they also indicate that there has been little relative movement from surveys conducted prior to the debate:"

Premature Desperation (Charles Blow) from the New York Times
"President Obama's supporters should move away from the ledge and come back inside."

Sweeping Landscapes and Sepia Stares: Inside the Rare Book Depicting the Customs and Ceremonies of Native Americans that Fetched a FORTUNE at Auction from the Daily Mail [of the UK]
"It is widely considered the most lavish and elegantly produced series of photography books ever made - and now Edward S. Curtis' masterpiece, the North American Indian, has become one of the highest selling works at auction. The Swann Auction Galleries in New York sold the 40 volume series for a massive $1,440,000, making it the most expensive item ever sold at the 70-year-old house - and a glimpse at the stunning sepia-toned photographs show just why it was so desirable."

Can you Spot the Predator? Masters of Disguise Blend into the Background to Survive Kill-or-be-killed World from the Daily Mail [of the UK] 
"Incredible selection of images taken by Photographer John Cancalos show off nature's top undercover creatures."
The whole series of photos is amazing!!
A tiny pygmy seahorse off the shore of Papua, New Guinea.
A lantern fly in South America.
A majid crab on soft pink coral.
A well-hidden huntsman spider.

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