Friday, October 19, 2012

News Nuggets 1089

DAYLEE PICTURE: A storm & double rainbow over Crater Lake in Oregon.  From the National Geographic.

Fidel Castro Suffered a Stroke, Venezuelan Doctor Says from the Miami Herald
"A Naples doctor said former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is near ‘a neurovegetative state’ after suffering a stroke."

DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appeals Court In New York from the Huffington Post
"A divided federal appeals court in Manhattan struck down the Defense of Marriage Act Thursday as unconstitutional, joining an appeals court in Boston in rejecting the law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court is expected to take up the case in the next year."

The Burden of a Black President (Ta-Nehisi Coates) from the Atlantic 
"Losing is always a bitter pill, but the taint doubles when the loss belongs not merely to you, but to that nation you represent. The taint triples when your nation is held as a pariah class, for your advances represent the possibility of their own advance out of degradation, and your regressions are ever held as affirming the logic of their status."

The Libya Moment (Steve Coll) from the New Yorker
"President Obama has over the last four years become a national-security practitioner in that intense, confining sense, and he had an authentic moment of succinct, controlled fury when Mitt Romney—who has never written condolence letters to the families of fallen soldiers—pressed some conspiracy-tinted, ill-conceived talking points about the attack last month at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, too far. The result was the most vivid moment—perhaps the most lasting moment—of Tuesday night’s Presidential debate. It exposed, too, a limitation of Romney’s that has not attracted much scrutiny: he evidently does not know very much about terrorism or Al Qaeda-related groups in Libya or anywhere else."

Ground Game: Obama Opens Up Big Lead in State Headquarters (John Avlon) from the Daily Beast
"As of mid-October, the Obama campaign has 755 offices nationwide for its get-out-the-vote effort—nearly three times as many as the Romney

Obama Resilient in Swing State Polls (Nate Silver) from the New York Times 
"Of the 13 polls of swing states released on Thursday, President Obama held leads in 11 of them."

About that Gallup Poll: Is Romney Really Up by 7? And Will Obama Win the Election Anyway? (Ezra Klein) from the Washington Post
"If Gallup is right, then that looks to me like we’re headed for an electoral college/popular vote split. Last night, I spoke with Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of Gallup, to ask him if I was missing something. He said I wasn’t. “That’s certainly what it looks like,” he says. But Newport was cautious in interpreting his numbers."

Romney’s Facts are Curious Things (Dana Milbank) from the Washington Post 
"A key part of his message is thoroughly discredited."

Obama courts female voters, accuses GOP rival Romney of suffering from a case of ‘Romnesia’ from the Associated Press via the Washington Post 
"President Barack Obama offered a mocking medical diagnosis Friday for what he considers rival Mitt Romney’s bout with shifting positions: “Romnesia.” Making a direct gender-pitch in hotly contested Virginia, Obama told a crowd of women and college students that when it comes to issues important to women’s health and jobs, Romney has conveniently overlooked his past stands."

What Mitt Romney Learned from his First Race (Jason Horowitz) from the Washington Post
"The Republican presidential nominee’s initial foray into the political arena, a challenge against Ted Kennedy, was a race he told family members he could not win. That cautious first step mirrors his current uncharted spot in politics."

CT-SEN: New UConn/Courant Poll Shows Murphy Ahead of McMahon from the Hartford Courant
"After emphasizing women's issues and increasing his support among females, Democrat Chris Murphy has pulled ahead of Republican Linda McMahon by 6 percentage points in the U.S. Senate race in the latest University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant poll."

A Dog's Grace (Kimberlee Auerbach Berlin) from the New York Times
"This is why it's scary to love anything."

From androgynous trousers with a 20-inch waist to showstopping goddess gowns, Katharine Hepburn's style celebrated in new exhibition from the Daily Mail [of the UK]
"Hollywood legend, Katharine Hepburn was an early pioneer of androgynous fashion, appearing on set dressed in high-waisted pants and button-down shirts. And now a new exhibition, which opened in New York today, pays homage to the late actress' chic sense of style, which was decidedly unconventional in the Thirties and Forties, when feminine dresses were the order of the day."

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