Friday, June 13, 2014


McCain: We Won Iraq, Obama Lost It from the Daily Beast
"“We had it won,” McCain said. The U.S. “had the conflict won thanks to the surge… We had a stable government.” McCain also said he believed that “if we left the residual force behind, we would not be facing the crisis today.”"
OMG!!! Will these people ever stop!?  Having gotten us into Iraq under false pretenses and kept our forces there for 10 years (to the sole benefit of our good friend, Iran), we now get an even riper slice of bologna: the US "had the conflict won" and we should have kept tens of thousands of US troops there to prop up our incompetent, tone-deaf puppet regime.  And, tell us Mr. McCain, how long should US troops have stayed in Iraq? Answer: he doesn't care.  It would be fine with him if they were still there 100 years from now [his answer from the 2008 campaign].  Can McCain and his stand-ins ever learn from actual experience?!  It seems not.

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Anonymous said...

Someday this old war dog will croak, and they’ll give him a big, solemn, military funeral with live (but brief) coverage, and Generals making sincere speeches. The pitiful thing is that McCain has squandered the respect he rightfully earned as a Vietnam fighter pilot and POW with his incessant ranting against Obama. If he has an ax to grind it should be against Rove and the GOP for the dastardly 2000 SC primary. But that’s ancient history. Now this pathetic, crusty old hater thinks he is leaving some kind of a profound legacy, when in fact nobody will ever know his name because he barely had a cause worth fighting for and he stood for nothing much besides is own delusions of significance.