Monday, July 7, 2014

Patriotism. That is So Twentieth Century!

Younger Americans Are Less Patriotic. At Least, in Some Ways from the New York Times
"Older Americans remain remarkably high in their devotion to symbols like the flag, while young citizens are cooler toward Old Glory but express higher support for classic American ideals like equality and opportunity."
Now you watch!  As the Millennial generation ages and becomes more dominant in politics, look for the older hard-right wing nuts to consign these younger people to the outer darkness, basically saying: "FINE!  You want be the generation of "takers," dupes for the climate change communists, no-values relativists, and tolerant of openly fag lifestyles, then you DESERVE the wars, the gridlocked politics, and the big deficits that we, the boomers, have saddled you with!!  So THERE!!"  This message will be coming to you soon from a right-wing radio nut of your choice.

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