Monday, July 7, 2014

MS-SEN: Cochran's Win May Spell Bigger Trouble for the GOP in the Fall

Unease in G.O.P. Over Mississippi Tea Party Anger from the New York Times 
"The stormy aftermath of Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff has sent Tea Party conservatives around the country to the ramparts, raising the prospect of a prolonged battle that holds the potential to depress conservative turnout in November in Mississippi — and possibly beyond. ... “The way activists feel treated by the party, they may stay home in November, and even if they do vote, I can tell you they’re not going door to door,” he said."
For the GOP to take the Senate, these folks MUST go door-to-door!  The Chamber-of-Commerce contingent -- even they do not have enough cash to hire people to do this essential legwork.  The trip wire here is if this phenomena really does transcend Mississippi.  Cochran's Dem opponent has almost no money and, no matter what Thad does in the Magnolia state, he will almost certainly win in November.  But, unlike the Dems, the GOP "establishment" is running out of slack with their base.  Will this represent any kind of a "last straw" for that base?  I doubt it, but, boy, does it provide a sore spot for Obama and the Dems to hammer on between now and November!  -- Nuggetsman

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