Friday, December 2, 2016

News Nuggets 1559

DAYLEE PICTURE: Cold morning mist in a Dutch forest.  From National Geographic.
Well, it has been a while since I last posted and since the election.  Needless to say, the election results were a shocker to me and it caused me to reassess the whole role of the News Nuggets blog.  In retrospect, I think the blog had a similar impact as the analysis from the mainstream media -- which was to understate Trump's strength and overstate Hillary's chances of victory.  Given the result election night, my first reaction was to shut down the blog almost immediately and write it off as being more "part of a problem" rather than "part of a solution." Upon reflection, the blog is going to shift its emphasis towards news that promotes voter activism and empowerment looking ahead to 2018 and 2020.  

Today's set of postings exemplify what this will look like.  If you want to read about Trump's latest stupidity, his dopey appointments, his contempt for democratic norms and the constitution, etc., this blog may no longer be the place for you.  The goal here now is to give progressive voters actions, information and possibility that will empower them in what could easily be a dark, bleak period where people retreat into resignation, cynicism, and despair.  As Americans, that is not who we are.  We are people who fight for what we believe in -- and, God knows, the country has in the past faced down bigger challenges than a Trump presidency.  What we need are concrete actions, ideas, examples of people making a difference, and a clear eye on containing the damage Trump does. It is my goal to provide that kind of inspiration here.  Blog postings will continue to be periodic -- but when you get an announcement in your inbox, you will know what to expect when you check us out!  Thanks everyone for your ongoing interest and commitment to a better future.   Jared

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