Friday, December 16, 2016

The New Republican Party

"While the Russian president still has a net un-favorability rating among Republicans, his standing has improved dramatically – from a net negative of 66 points to a mere 10 points.  By comparison, only 17 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of President Barack Obama, the December poll found. Obama’s net negative among Republicans is 64 points – significantly worse than the party’s take on Putin."
What you have here is definitive proof (if any was still needed) that GOP voters have become (using a term I hate) unprecedentedly "tribal" -- which is to say they vote based on who their party nominates, not on any real issue or principle.  The issues and principles will shift to whatever the candidate advocates.  Republican lawmakers and talking heads will follow as well.  What this means looking ahead is that the segment of the electorate that is "persuadable" in the next cycle is VERY SMALL.  The only thing that unifies the Republican Party is ... their opposition to the Democratic Party.  They will exercise the power or no one will.

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