Friday, June 13, 2014


CBS News says ‘Republican strategist’ suffices for Frank Luntz disclosure from the Washington Post
A breath-taking statement on the quality of GOP polling outfits!!
"“Right now there are 230 House Republicans who are waking up praying that they do not have Eric Cantor’s pollster. Honestly, and I’m one of them, we Republican pollsters suck. We have no ability to be able to analyze the electorate.”"
You have to ask yourself: what the hell is the point then of hiring a GOP polling company?!  It has been an open secret for years that these companies consistently produced overly optimistic results (from a Republican point of view).  This was showcased with Romney's baseless optimism going into the 2012 election day and with the absurd "unskewing the polls" dumbness that preceded it.  

It is my guess that the whole purpose of these organizations was NEVER to produce accurate numbers. Rather, their PRIMARY mission (beyond making the founders filthy rich) was to fill a key role in the right-wing counter-narrative media machine, to create story lines that made it possible for Republicans to claim that their law-makers, their policies, etc. were more popular than they really were in reality.  What does it say about a propaganda machine when the ones most fooled are the creators of the machine? Incredible!

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