Friday, June 13, 2014

The Resurgent GOP "Establishment" ... Suddenly Cowering in the Corner!

Eric Cantor and the Tea Party Purge (E.J. Dionne) from the Washington Post 
"After an electoral earthquake that shocked the party’s system, the GOP’s top brass will be scrambling to figure out what lessons they should draw. Unfortunately, they’ll probably absorb the wrong ones. Rather than taking on the tea party and battling for a more moderate and popular form of conservatism, they are likely to cower and accommodate even more."
Did you ever see a political meme evaporate as fast as that "Resurgent GOP Establishment" storyline!?  I had been saying for months that I thought that narrative was wishful thinking.  AND I would say now that the beltway Republicans are not the wimpy milquetoast they seem today.  This is simply the latest episode in the internal war that is going on in party.  Look for the corporatists to up the amount of money they will throw at the law-makers they already have a mortgage on -- and the Tea Party folks will continue to rally to turd blossoms like Bart.  There WILL be more surprises as this election year unfolds.

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