Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who Could Give Hillary a Run for Her Money in the Dem Primaries in '16?

5 Democrats Who Should Run Against Hillary Clinton (Josh Kraushaar) from National Journal
"That doesn't mean there aren't credible candidates who, on paper, could mount a serious challenge. With anti-Washington sentiment running high, this is a promising opportunity for an outsider to run and surprise. True, they don't seem to want to run, whether from fear of the Clinton machine, a desire to avoid challenging someone who might make history, or simply an assumption that 2016 isn't a great year for Democrats. But the candidates exist. Here are some prospects who would normally be touted for higher office but have acquiesced to Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election."
This is the kind of piece MSM pundits throw together when they're anxious to catch the 4:05pm Acela to get out of town early for the Independence Day holiday.  I am sorry -- but not one of these people (Kaine, Patrick, MaCaskill, Feingold, and Jay Nixon) is either in the game for 2016 nor would they get any traction if they did.  Let me give you a far more in-reality list of folks who might run, and, if they did, might push the Clinton people, if only a little bit.  They are: Brian Sweitzer (Montana Gov.); Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen.); Julio Castro (San Antonio Mayor, now with HUD); Andrew Cuomo (NY Gov.); and Joe Biden (VP).  Now -- as with Krushaar's list, none of these folks will run if Hillary is running -- but it is a far more in-reality list that his fantasy-team of not-happenings.  -- Nuggetsman

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